Jefferson Memorial Gardens

Flower Policy

In regards to the placement of funeral flowers, flowers in general, potted plants, brackets, shepherd hooks and etc. should be noted;

Funeral Flowers:

Wreaths, flowers, or other floral decorations (including the containers, stands or the like in which or upon which such are contained and or displayed) which are left at the grave site at the time of burial will be removed and disposed of by cemetery maintenance employees within three days or as soon thereafter as the Cemetery in the normal course of operations can effectuate such removal.


Both fresh cut and artificial flowers are allowed in bronze vases throughout the year. Please note; under various weather conditions, certain dyes used in artificial flowers may cause discoloration and permanent damage to bronze memorials. Artificial arrangements are removed by maintenance personnel when they become unsightly. Placement of arrangements is limited to the vase on a marker. Flowers placed from the head to the foot of the grave interfere with grounds maintenance and they must be removed.

Potted Plants Wreaths and Baskets:

We ask families to limit the placement of these to two weeks preceding Easter, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day. These items will be removed two weeks after the respective holiday. Wreaths can be placed for birthdays for a period of one week before and one week after, however a tag from the Cemetery Office must be issued and attached to the Wreath.

Rods and Baskets:

The use of rods and baskets for the installation of pots, containers and other items prevent proper maintenance equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to forbid their use. If placed on a grave, they will be removed. In addition, wood, glass, plastic, china and ceramic are expressly prohibited and any material matter or thing deemed dangerous or objectionable by the Cemetery shall likewise be prohibited and subject to removal.

Grass and Shrubbery:

Only Cemetery personnel may plant, trim, or mow grass, shrubbery and flowers on the family plots and in the public areas however non-motorized approved equipment can be used by the public for the upkeep of their family’s gravesites.

Floral pieces, flowers, potted plants, wreaths, baskets, rods, brackets, sticks, wood, cardboard, etc. placed in violation of these rules and regulations shall be subject to immediate removal without notification by the Cemetery or its Employees and the Cemetery shall not be liable for said materials, flowers and other such items but rather shall immediately dispose of same is the sole discretion of the Cemetery.